7 Places to cash checks after hours

How to cash out a check?

There are different places to cash out a check. However, not all places will cash all kinds of checks.
Before you cash out your check, you should first learn about the type of check. There are
government checks, unemployment checks, insurance checks, business checks, tax refunds and so
on. After finding out the type of check, enquire if the store provides cash for your type of check.
While choosing the store, select the one that offers minimal service charges.
Hope my guide on places to cash check after hours was helpful.

The check cashing stores are those places that allow users to cash their checks without a bank
account. The check cashing services charge a minimum fee. It was introduced to serve the under
banked and the unbanked.

Requirements of check cashing

In order to cash out your check, you need to carry your identity card and the check. Very few stores
ask you to fill out a form. To prove your identity, you may use passport, driver’s license, state issued
ID, reservation ID, military ID. Some of the check cashing stores may ask for taxpayer identification
number or social security number.

The main advantage of check cashing services is that the person can get cash immediately. The
banks, on the other hand, may take one to two working days to cash the checks.

24-hour check cashing near me

There are several check cashing stores around you. However, not all are open 24/7. Here are the
seven check cashing places that work after hours.


The Payomatic is very common in New York. It is a chain of check cashing stores. There are more
than 129 Payomatic check cashing stores in New York. There are slowly expanding to the other cities
in the US. Payomatic cashes both government checks and payroll checks. It also cashes union checks,
insurance settlement checks, tax refunds, money order and more. However, Payomatic check
cashing stores do not provide cash for personal checks.
Payomatic charges 2.27% the amount in the check. If you want to cash a $100 check, then Payomatic
will charge you $2.27.


The PLS cash checking stores are in 12 states. They are Illinois, California, Ohio, Wisconsin, Texas,
Oklahoma, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Kentucky, and Indiana. At PLS you cash out checks like
government benefit checks, payroll checks, and money orders. PLS charges 1% to cash out a check.
For instance, if you want to cash out a $100 check, then PLS will charge you $1.

Speedy Cash

The speedy cash allows you to cash out payroll checks, cashier checks, bank drafts, student loan
checks, personal checks, unemployment checks, and many more. The Speedy Cash currently
operates in 14 locations. They are Texas, Tennesse, Oregon, Oklahoma, Nevada, Missouri,
Mississippi, Kentucky, Kansas, Georgia, Colarado, California, Arkansas, and Arizona. You need to pay
a service charges of 2% at Speedy cash to cash out a check. For instance, if you want to cash out a
$100 check, then you need to pay service charges of $2.

Community Financial Service Centres

The community financial service centres are located in 200 places in USA. Apart from cashing out a
check, these centres also provide other services like electronic bill payment, foreign currency
exchange, prepaid debit cards, ATMs, etc. These community centres provide cash for checks like tax
refunds, government checks, payroll checks, settlement checks, business checks, etc. The service
charges at these centres differ for different types of checks.


You can cash out a check 24/7 only at those Walmart stores that are open 24/7. Walmart provides
cash for checks like payroll checks, pre-printed checks, government checks, two-party personal
checks, cashier check, etc. The Walmart stores charge $4 to cash out a check that are within $1000.
It charges $8 for checks that are more than $1000.


Kroger provides check cashing in more than 2000 stores. It provides cash for checks like money
order, bill paying checks, debit card cashing, etc. Kroger charges $4 to charge checks upto $100. For
checks $2500, it charges $7. If you have a Kroger loyalty card, the service charges are comparatively

ATM Machines

The ATM machines that will cash out a check 24 hours are Chase, Citizens Bank, TD Bank, Valley
National bank, Capital One 360, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo.
When use bank ATM to cash out a check, you may not get the cash immediately. The bank may hold
the funds for few days. This is one of drawbacks in using a bank ATM. However, the service charges
are minimal as compared to the other options.

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