Adani Group List of Companies

Adani Group of companies is headquartered at Ahmedabad, India. It is owned by Gautham Adani
and he is the third richest man in the world. The Adani Group was founded in 1988. In the early
days, it was into the business of commodity trading. Today the group has diversified its business in
different fields like port management, renewable energy, electric power generation, airport
operations, mining, food processing, natural gas, and infrastructure. Adani is spread across 50
countries in the world.
In this article let us discuss the different list of companies operating under the Adani empire. Also,
we will discuss how Adani surged its wealth suddenly.

How much is Adani’s total wealth?

The net worth of Adani group is around 137 billion USD. The holding company of the group is the
Adani Enterprises and is mainly involved in mining. The group mines iron ore and coal. There are
three main subsidiaries. They are Adani Wilmar. Adani Road transport and Adani airport. The Adani
Wilmar is into food processing business.
The company has also invested in water infrastructure, solar PV module, agri-output storage,
defence and aerospace, metro and rail infrastructure, financial services, real estate, petro chemicals,
oil exploration and cement.

The Adani Green Energy

It is the largest solar power generator in the world. Its total capacity is 12.3 GW. It is the renewable
arm of the group. It generates wind energy as well. The total assets of this arm are 3.6 billion USD.
Its revenue is 640 million USD.

Adani Ports and SEZ

The Adani Ports is the largest private port enterprise in India. Its net worth is 12 billion USD. The
revenue of the company is around 2.3 billion USD.

Adani Power

The Adani Power is the largest private power generating company in India. It operates four thermal
power projects in the country. It generates around 12.45 GW of power. The revenue of the company
is 4 billion USD.

Adani Transmission

The Adani Transmission operates more than 17,000 km of transmission lines in India. The company is
a major contributor to the Adani wealth. The total assets of the company are around 5.4 billion USD.
The Adani Transmission group operates transmission lines of range 765 KV.

Adani Total Gas

The Adani Gas serves both industries and domestic households. The Adani Total Gas is a joint
venture of a French Oil and Gas company and Adani Group. The Adani gas operates in more than 22
locations. In some locations, it delivers gas through piped gas connection. In India, 90% of the
locations receive gas in cylinders and piped connections are rare. The company also operates
compressed natural gas stations.

Adani Wilmar

It was formed as a joint venture between Wilmar International and Adani Enterprises. It is a food
processing company. The Fortune brand of the company holds 20% of the oil market in India.

Why is Adani’s sudden surge in wealth?

The Adani wealth has increased exponentially within a very short period of time. Many believe that
the rise of Adani Empire is mainly because of the proximity of Mr Adani with the Indian Prime
Minister Narendra Modi. Some even criticize his closeness with the Prime Minister as crony
capitalism. In 2014, Adani traveled with the Prime Minister Modi during his visit to France, Australia,
Japan and Brazil.
In the last two years alone, Adani wealth has increased by 730%. This major jump is mainly
contributed by Adani Total Gas, Adani Transmission and Adani Green. The Adani ports business has
increased by 95%, business of Adani Transmission increased by 500%.

In 2021, Adani was the only India to build five one lakh crore companies in India. India is now
encouraging its companies to become one lakh crore companies. This way India believes that it can
achieve its target of becoming a $5 trillion company by 2030. Adani is now of the major contributor
to India achieving its goal.

In 2022, Adani Wilmar entered the stock market. With this the net worth of the group increased by
894%. With this Adani surpassed its competitor Reliance. In 2022 alone, Gautham Adani added 60.9
billion USD to the Adani wealth. With this Adani overtook the US and UK billionaires. It even
surpassed Bill Gates and Warren buffet leaving them at fifth and sixth positions in the list of top
richest persons in the world.

Gautham Adani is basically a college drop out. Yet he is now the third richest man in the world. His
journey to the top was not easy. He grew up with seven siblings in Ahmedabad.
Bottom line, the push for green energy and the proximity of Mr Adani with the Prime Minister of
India are the main reasons for the sudden increase in Adani wealth.

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