How FTX exchange gone bankrupt?

A renowned cryptocurrency exchange FTX filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on November 11, 2022. Crypto investors explore everything about what went wrong. This famous exchange has been accused of misusing funds from customers for investments without their permission.

If you have any level of expertise in the FTX and regulation of the crypto market at this time,
then you have to concentrate on and double-check several important things. 
Almost every customer of this crypto exchange feels dissatisfied and ensures that this
exchange was supposed to hold onto money from their customers and give it back to them
when they needed it. 

The ftx exchange had valued its overall assets between $10 billion to $50 billion. It had
listed over 130 affiliated companies worldwide as per its bankruptcy filing. This crypto
exchange is now short billions of dollars and experiencing the crypto equivalent of a bank
run. This exchange sought bankruptcy protection last week. 

The CEO and Founder of this exchange resigned from their jobs. After a few hours, this
trading firm said there had been some unauthorized accesses end in funds disappearance. This
news sends shockwaves through the competitive crypto industry. 

The latest news about the crypto exchange FTX 

Many customers of this crypto exchange fled it over their fears about whether it had enough
capital and agreed to sell itself to its competitors, especially the Binance crypto exchange.
However, the deal fell through while due diligence of Binance on the balance sheet of this
crypto exchange was still pending. As a famous political supporter to Democrats and known
for his worth of $23 billion Bankman Fried is very popular in recent years. 

The ftx crypto exchange has confirmed that there had been illegal access to its accounts,
some hours after it filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. In social media, there is a
debate formed regarding whether the employees of this crypto exchange had stolen funds or
the crypto exchange was hacked.  
There is no clear thing about exactly how much money is involved. However, a renowned
analytics firm Elliptic estimated that $477 million was missing from this crypto exchange.
John Ray III is the new CEO of this crypto exchange. He said that it was a switching of the
overall ability to withdraw funds or trade. This crypto exchange takes essential steps to
secure the assets of its customers. 

Everyone who owns the crypto must be ok when they keep their crypto off exchanges
especially FTX as such platforms work as crypto-casino gambling websites. Every crypto
exchange in our time is a security risk. Some of the popular crypto exchanges are better than

If you wish to invest in and trade cryptocurrencies, then you have to take complete control of
your digital assets. Many people worldwide read an honest review of the ftx exchange in
recent times and like to know about the outstanding benefits to every customer. This is
because this crypto trading exchange recently filed for bankruptcy. 

Make a good decision to invest in the crypto 

Every company that backed FTX is writing down investments and the overall prices of
bitcoin and other categories of digital currencies have reduced. Regulators and politicians are
calling for strict oversight of the unwidely industry. 

FTX was moving as many digital assets as identified to a new cold wallet custodian to store
assets offline without letting any remote control. It had entered into several sports-related
deals. The NBA’s Miami Heat and Miami-Dade Country decided to terminate their
association with FTX and rename the arena of their team.       

Individuals who invest in bitcoin can get the option to take self-custody and take their coins
off the exchange without complexity and delay. The Royal Bahamas Police Force
investigated the ftx crypto and worked with Bahamas securities regulators to investigate
whether any criminal misconduct occurred or not. The U.S. Department of Justice and the
Securities and Exchange Commission started examining the FTX to find whether any
criminal activity or securities offenses were committed.  

Many professionals in the crypto exchanges worldwide in our time think that customers of
the crypto exchange FTX are unlikely to recover much. Though customers of banks and
brokerage firms nowadays are insured by the FDIC and a similar type of mutualized
backstop, nothing is available for FTX’s customers to protect their assets. After Sam
Bankman-Fried’s FTX filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in the U.S., he stepped
down as CEO and was succeeded by John J. Ray III.

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