How to login to my amazon account?

Utilizing Login with Amazon enables to sign in and exchange data with
participating third-party websites and apps using your Amazon user name
and password for amazon account login. If you’re having difficulties
logging in, you might use the wrong password or email address. Your
name, email address, password, and other account details are all editable.
Use Amazon to log in.

amazon account login

● Visit a website or app that offers an Amazon login.
● Select the Amazon login button. There will be an Amazon-hosted
screen.
● A login to amazon account with an Amazon web address will always
be present on websites and apps registered with login with Amazon.
Your Amazon password won’t ever request a third-party website.
● Specify your password and user name.
● You’ll see a screen asking for your permission to share specific data
from your profile the first time you sign in to a website or app.
Select Okay if you want to share this information with the website or
● You’ll either prompted to finish registration or redirected back to the
website or app as a registered user.

How to Recover the password of my amazon account?

● Click on Password help.
● When prompted, enter the email address or mobile number associate
with your Amazon account before clicking Continue for reset
● To confirm your request, we send you an email or SMS (depending
on the verification option you selected) with a Time Password
● Enter the received OTP and choose Continue.
● Make a fresh password.

● A new password is activated as soon as you generate it. Use your
new password for all Amazon accounts connected to the same email

Why Am I Unable to Access My Amazon Account?

Contact Email must be the format of your email address (or .net,
.org, etc.). Make sure you use the email address and password combination
if you have several email addresses.

Mobile Contact Info:

You must log in to your account using your mobile phone number if you
created it using a mobile phone number. Ensure that your cell phone
number contains your country code.


Check your keyboard’s CAPS LOCK and NUM LOCK keys for the
password. The words “PASSWORD” and “Password” recognize two
different passwords since passwords are case-sensitive. Try to reset your
password if you’re using your email address or mobile number.

How to immediately safeguard your Amazon account

Check your personal information twice.

First, check the data associated with your Amazon account is up to date.
Sign in to your account by going to this page. After that, click log in &
security and double-check the validity of your phone number and email
address. Amazon will email you to ensure you’re the one making the
change if someone tries to access your account and change your security settings (s). A phone number associated with your account will also serve as a backup way for you to get one-time passcodes.

Create a strong password

Once your information has updated, choose a strong password.
Congratulations if you already use a password manager that generates,
stores, and even enters your passwords for you. Everyone should be doing
that, especially given the frequency of security breaches, leaks, and other
problems. Reusing the same password for various accounts is one thing
you should avoid doing.

If one of your online accounts experiences a breach, it will make all your
other accounts vulnerable. We’ve compiled a list of trustworthy password
managers for your usage. It’s time to step up your password game, whether
some are free or premium options.

Activate two-step verification

Utilizing a password manager also has the added benefit of storing the
one-time passwords (OTP) necessary for two-step verification (2SV). By
activating 2SV, you can add an extra layer of security to your Amazon
account. It requires you to enter your password temporary, code is either
texted to your phone or shown in an app following your password.

Nobody, not even you, can access your account without your password
and that code. To the Login & security section of your Amazon account,
click on the Edit button next to the 2SV settings and select Get started
enable two-step verification.

Your OTP codes can obtained in one of two ways: by phone number via
the Authenticator app. When you connect to your Amazon account using
your phone number, a text message with your code will send you. As an
alternative, an authenticator app, like Google Authenticator, enables you to
access your code from within your password manager.