What do you know about Robinhood?

As a leading broker dealer for an individual trader, the Robinhood has considered a
millennial investor market by the storm. The Robinhood is a smart phone initial brokerage
that permits simple access to the trading platform for a retail trader. With its competitive cost,
this includes $0 commission and also access to options, ETF, and crypto currency traders in
the Australia and US. However, the Robinhood account is very simple to view, that is why;
the user base has developed dramatically in the previous years.

How to use Robinhood?

If you are a beginner investor, you are possibly surprising how to use Robinhood:
 All you want to begin investing in Robinhood is a valid social security number and
the US address. For this, you want to download an app and then open an account by
just following the timely on an app.
 The next step is to deposit some amount of money into your account. Now, you can
begin investing.
 You click on a listed stock that will enable you to view its history of price, buy, and
sell option and further details. If you wish to purchase or sell at a specific price point,
you can enable a push notification.
 All over the day, you receive your important notifications related to your own stocks
as well as your watch list stocks. Also, your notifications can be personalized in
settings as per the information you need.
 Once you log into an app, you will take a look at the interface that exposes you the
existing market data. Once you have made up a stock portfolio, you can simply keep
track of the investing growth. You can also take a glance at past charges of the stocks
that you are interested in, check the history of account, etc.
 If you are new to investing, one of the greatest ways to use Robinhood is by investing
the fewer amounts of money that you are acceptable with losing. Before purchasing
any ETFs or stocks, you must do fine research. This research operation on Robinhood
is very limited, so you can always ensure to obtain other information too.
 Also, you can make use of stock market stimulator to make a practice portfolio that
would assist you learn how the market changes over time.
On the whole, the Robinhood greatly features very easy and simple to understand layout.
Even many of the beginners can like this layout, while some professionals may dislike it;
because of restricted information it has.

Great features of Robinhood

Basically, the Robinhood is a financial and broker dealer application. On this trading
platform, you can able to trade funds, options and stocks. Also, you can purchase and trade
the crypto currencies from a Robinhood app. Some of the great features of Robinhood are
given below:

Commission free trading platform

Due to robinhood’s fees policy and no commission, it makes trading and investing highly

A simple to use mobile app

It is very simple to access and its spontaneous design can makes robinhood an amazing
platform for new traders.

Fractional share trading

It let you to purchase a fractional share, if you cannot even pay for a complete share. This
feature greatly enables the new investors to start investing with the fewer amounts of money.
No minimum deposit need
You trading can start with any amount of money you can happily afford.

How to reset password of Robinhood?

With a login system of every web app or mobile, there are some affinities you will forget or
want to reset your password. This is goes for brokerage firm like Robinhood and sometimes,
the investors and traders who utilize this platform might forget their password and want to
reset it by using a mobile app or a web app. If you want to do the robinhood password reset,
you can simply perform it on a login page. By just clicking over a forget password button,
you are directed to the steps that would assist you to reset your password and also make a
new one for your trading account. This confirmation would be sent to your email to confirm
that you are an owner of the account. In order to safeguard your account with the dual factor
authentication, you might want to pass an authorization process to reset your password
completely and then access your account completely. Therefore, resetting your password on
Robinhood is very simple to do on the web application. After resetting your password, you
will want to login back into your robinhood mobile app.